11. 01. 2015
eclectic nurseries All eclectic, all the time is what I always say.  Although, I don't actually think I've ever said that.  I've definitely thought that though.  But OH I just love any and all things eclectic.  I have a really hard time picking and sticking to themes, so I end up just buying things I love, even if they totally don't go together, and sticking them together and calling it eclectic.  Usually it somehow works out and looks kinda cool together.   I especially love eclectic themes in children's room.  I feel that children are inherently eclectic, so eclectic themes just seem so right for decorating their spaces. Here are some of my FAV eclectic nurseries in all their chalkwall, kilim rug and arrowed glory in case you need a little eclectic inspiration. Click on any of the pics to see more! And while you do that, I'll try to think of some ways to work in the word eclectic a few more times into this post... IMG_7350-1024x682   image11   HIGHRES-59-681x1024   6469be900cac49bc139e59e7d2692cf4   baby room   hallafter-682x1024   ec759c887e899da4810899ecbf888c06   702df146a497c004f861461c98b08bd3   9    

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