12. 02. 2015
valentine's day arrows Easy and quick Valentine's day arrows! All you need is: * valentine's day paint colors * Brush (I used a sponge brush) * Painters tape * Wooden sticks/Rods * Scissors * Felt (I used sticky back felt which made it really easy) Valentine Craft Mark off random areas on the wooden sticks with the painters tape and then paint away. While I was waiting for that to dry, I cut out a bunch of hearts for the tips and chevron shapes for ends of the arrows.  I then just peeled the backs off of the shapes (because it was sticky felt) and stuck the shapes on - one on each side.  I cut slits into the ends of the arrows after I stuck the ends together so that the slits would match up. Once you make these babies, get creative. I hot glued two together and tied them with ribbon to use as a hanging decoration! valentines decoration Happy Valentine's Day Lovers!  

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