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Stylish and affordable stay at home mom clothes

Let’s be real. If it’s not on Amazon Prime, I’m probably not buying it.  This holds true for my attempts to find and buy stylish clothes for moms for the fall.  I’ve noticed I can find pretty much anything I want now on Amazon, including cute clothes for moms, where the convenience and cost can’t be beat. Also, how much do you hate trying to find your credit card somewhere so you can type in your purchasing details on other sites? Seriously, it’s the worst. Especially because 95% of the time that I’m shopping for myself, my kids are usually sleeping and I know the sound of me doing something for myself rummaging through my purse would immediately jolt them awake.

Hence, it’s Amazon all day every day when it comes to pretty much all my purchases.

A few pieces on Amazon have caught my eye lately for being inexpensive, stylish and perfect for the fall.  Below are some of these items that are going to mysteriously jump into my Amazon cart over my next few orders.  Cute and affordable, as well as comfortable.  Perfect clothes for moms for the fall.

*Disclosure: The below contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission (aka coffee money) if you purchase a product I recommend.  As always, I find what I love first and affiliate later.  You can read my full disclosure statement here :)*

Under $20 Clothes for Moms

*Click on any picture or label for more details and purchasing info*

Hot Pink Ski Hat With Pom

I think this is would be perfect with any outfit.  And for $12.99, I’m adding to my cart right now.  And don’t worry, it faux fur.

Choker V-Neck T-Shirt 

I saw a mom wearing this exact shirt the other day and she looked like the coolest mom in the history of moms.  She was following a little toddler around and I thought, oh, she only has one baby, she has time to become less cool and frumpy.  But then I overheard her tell another woman she has three other kids.  Dang.  She wins and has all my respect.  And this version is only $12.99.

Cocoon Maxi Cardigan

It is the perfect thing to cover your mom pjs and make your outfit instantly stylish this fall!

Faux Fur Collar for Winter Coat

Ok, go with me on this one…  It seems a bit out there and I certainly wouldn’t be wearing this in the carpool pick-up line, but I think it’s a great layering piece for starting at $16.99.  And again, faux fur.  Still not with me? Search for fur scarfs on Pinterest and you’ll come around.  Easy way to make a basic outfit look stylish.  I’m all about easy ;).

Blanket Scarfs

Give me all the blanket scarfs.  I think it’s a must in any fall mom wardrobe.  It hides so many, many things. Like crumbs, milk stains, coffee spills and ice cream dribbles (just me??).  Especially in a black and white buffalo check print.  And extra especially for only $10.99Here are two other blanket scarf options that are both under $11.

Open Front Long Coat Cardigan

Would probably wear this every day. This image doesn’t really show you how adorable this cardi is – click check it out  up close.  $18.99. Yup, sold.

High Waisted Bell Bottom Leggings

Do I need to say more than the word leggings? I love that these are bell bottoms so they are a bit more cool and edgy.  We moms can try to be somewhat cool, right?  They also received a bunch of good reviews for only being $19.95.


Under $30 Clothes for Moms

Over-sized Chunky Sweater Cardigan

I think this will be my sweater obsession this fall/winter.  It’s $28.99 of chunky, over-sized, slouchy sweater perfection.

Over $30 But Still A Deal

Thigh High Boots

I love the thigh-high length, and how comfy and stylish they are for only $65!

At these prices you can go ahead and update your mom wardrobe with some fun essentials for the fall and not feel too guilty spending a little bit on yourself.

Happy shopping!














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  1. Oh gosh, give me all the sweaters and cardigans please! I love layering in the fall – plus my work is almost always freezing no matter what the weather is doing outside so sweaters are ideal.


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