Children’s Shoes That Are Stylish and Affordable

children's shoes
Children’s shoes

Children’s shoes… I have a love hate relationship with them. I love to pick them out but I hate how quickly kids outgrow (or destory :/) them.

However, a few months ago I had a major children’s shoe breakthrough in the form of Old Navy.  Yes, I know Old Navy has been around for forever. We go way back. I rocked their logo hoodies hard in the 90’s.  But I had not fully explored their children’s shoes until recently. I was casually strolling the aisles a few months back and I saw a few girl shoes on the floor in the clearance section and thought, “Wait, what?? How have such edgy and on-trend, yet practical and affordable little gems of children’s shoes been hiding in these aisles and I’m just now discovering them????”

They have ANY style of shoes at prices that don’t burn when it’s time to part ways and move on from an old pair.

My boys currently live in their Perforated Pop-Color Slip-Ons for Toddler Boys.  They are a lot like Crocs or Native shoes but for way less.

And their selection for girls shoes, I think, is even better.

I’m obsessed with these sassy pink shoes that little H is wearing here. They really up her game in any outfit.  And they are currently UNDER $10!

Baby Girl Pink Shoes

Here’s a round-up of the girl shoes that I’m currently eyeing (the first shoe is the one little H is wearing above).  Especially the ones with the pom pom. GAH! I’m hoping they make those in adult size soon….

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