27. 08. 2014


Record stories for your children on your iPhone! Best. Quick. Project. It's like kindle for your kids! Such a great children's activity! This seriously took me 5 minutes to do since all you need is a book and your iPhone (or some other recording device). I came up with the idea because I started to notice that my oldest son  seems to be a budding auditory learner. While he is still very young, he appears to do his best work (aka play!) when there is music or various sounds and talking in the background. We love listening to music and have some GREAT stations that we enjoy on Pandora, however, I've been craving something new lately. Then it dawned on me that I should make my own listening material and record my voice as I read some of our books. I did a quick search and discovered the QuickVoice App for my iphone at the app store. It’s super simple, straightforward and it’s FREE! Free and easy? Yes please! All you have to do is download the app and start recording! There is a “title” button which is awesome because you can label all your stories and easily select which ones you want to play. Also, since it's on your iPhone, you can take the stories anywhere and/or play them with a bluetooth speaker!  You can also just play them straight from your phone and crank up the volume. The result is that my son loves listening to these stories and thinks that I am a super cool mom (well, I kinda just inferred that last part).  He was also really curious about what and how this was happening. I love projects that make my son curious! It means they got him thinking.  So I then got the idea to record a story together. You guys! Genius! He loves it. He can’t read yet obviously, but I picked out books with a lot of sound words and included him by asking him to make the sounds ("Ok H, say BOOM!" Or "Here comes the train, say choo choo!"). He loved the process of recording the stories, and of course, as a 2 year old who thinks the world revolves around him, he loved hearing himself in the stories even more. Aside from being fun, this is a GREAT literacy activity for a young one! Works on his listening skills, reading comprehension and imagination, as he has to follow along with the stories as well as create his own illustrations in his mind of what is happening without the support of a book in front of him.

index(I used these two Little Blue Truck books by Alice Schertle for my first recordings since they have so many great sound words)

And because I was on a roll, I decided to have my husband record several stories. He travels a lot so it will be great to be able to play his stories while he is away so my son can still hear his voice. I'm also going to get my in-laws and parents to record stories onto my phone next time I see them! What are some stories that you think would be good to record?