Children’s Shoes That Are Stylish and Affordable

children's shoes
Children’s shoes

Children’s shoes… I have a love hate relationship with them. I love to pick them out but I hate how quickly kids outgrow (or destory :/) them.

However, a few months ago I had a major children’s shoe breakthrough in the form of Old Navy.  Yes, I know Old Navy has been around for forever. We go way back. I rocked their logo hoodies hard in the 90’s.  But I had not fully explored their children’s shoes until recently. I was casually strolling the aisles a few months back and I saw a few girl shoes on the floor in the clearance section and thought, “Wait, what?? How have such edgy and on-trend, yet practical and affordable little gems of children’s shoes been hiding in these aisles and I’m just now discovering them????” read more

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Disneyland Outfits for Under $10

disneyland outfits for under $10! Adorable and stylish Mickey Mouse gear that is perfect for Disneyland! #disneyland #disneylandoutfits

Family Disneyland outfits are a big deal. I did not fully understand that when I went to Disneyland for the first time since having kids this past summer.  I felt like we were the only family that was not fully decked out in personalized Disneyland outfits.

We weren’t even in a Mickey Mouse shirt.

Major mom fail.

It’s funny because I adore Disney. So much. You wouldn’t know it, though, from how my kids dress. I tend to buy more basic or traditional kids clothes, and rarely buy clothes with characters or words on them. After this past Disney trip, however, I started checking out some Disneyland outfits that align with our style – which is more simple and subtle.  And as always, I looked for options that are affordable, on sale or just downright cheap because… Budget. read more

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Clothes for Moms For the Fall

Stylish and affordable stay at home mom clothes

Let’s be real. If it’s not on Amazon Prime, I’m probably not buying it.  This holds true for my attempts to find and buy stylish clothes for moms for the fall.  I’ve noticed I can find pretty much anything I want now on Amazon, including cute clothes for moms, where the convenience and cost can’t be beat. Also, how much do you hate trying to find your credit card somewhere so you can type in your purchasing details on other sites? Seriously, it’s the worst. Especially because 95% of the time that I’m shopping for myself, my kids are usually sleeping and I know the sound of me doing something for myself rummaging through my purse would immediately jolt them awake. read more

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