14. 01. 2015
pillow diy During the holiday season, I became obsessed with this GORGEOUS pin on Pinterest from On Sutton Place. Christmas Tree Pom Pom Pillow Cover Man. Looking at this picture again more closely gives me some serious pom-pom envy. I mean... Look at those poms poms! They're beyond perfect! how did a human make those?? But I digress.  Amazing idea, right? However, being that I'm often a few steps behind on keeping up with holidays I just didn't get around to attempting this great DIY this year.  I couldn't get this pillow out of my mind though, so I tried to think of other ways I could use this idea.  I so love a good monogram and I also love that monograms look great all year round, so I decided to do a big "J" for our last name using pom poms.  I also decided to try it out with a black and white pillowcase for a lil dramatic oomph! Here is how I made it: I started with the pom poms  Here is the tutorial for how to make the pom poms:


The poms poms were definitely the most time-consuming part. I made 22 pom poms for my J, which is WAY more than I thought I would need. Just a heads up, don't feel bad if you try making a few of the pom poms and you're like WHAT the what? My pom poms totally don't look anything like this!  Keep at it and just trim away if they're uneven.  I did a lot of trimming :/.

Then all you need to do is turn on your hot glue gun and glue those babies on! I took the pillow cover off to figure out where to put the J and for the gluing. And that's it!


monogrammed pillow cover