23. 12. 2014
I know, I know, it's a little late for a Christmas gift list BUT I figured this could serve as last minute inspiration for those of you that have been too busy (ahem PROCRASTINATORS!) to get all your Christmas gifts.  Don't worry, I totally understand. I don't hate the playa, I hate the game. It's a crazy world out there during Christmas shopping season. Here's a quick batch of ideas for ya that are geared with moms in mind.  I think moms both young and old would be feelin most of the gift ideas on here.  This list also spans all kinds of price-ranges with some items starting at only $10! If you're a baller, I threw on a devine Lindsey Thornburg Cloak that I would give one of my children to own. Just kidding. Sorta. Well maybe loan them, for like a day?
Gift Ideas for Mom

Gift Ideas for Mom Starting at 10 dollars

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  Happy all kinds of holidays! xo