Hello there, I’m Amy.


I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and spent 13 years in NYC before my southern gentleman husband brought me down to Birmingham, Alabama. I desperately miss the energy of the bigger cities, but I never knew how much I needed the South.  A glass of sweet tea and a magnolia shaded front porch is the perfect remedy for my frenetic city girl soul.

I am also a corporate recruiter turned educator turned stay-at-home-mom.  I have three kids that simultaneously make my life worth living and cause me to question all of my life choices.

My current passion is attempting to integrate my background in teaching with my parenting.  When I first obtained a fancy Masters degree in Education, I thought I was going to totally crush parenting.  But then I had kids… And it was parenting that totally crushed me.

I’m now trying to get my head above water and navigate the choppy currents of not just surviving parenting, but actually having fun and teaching my kids a few things along the way.

Writing down my thoughts and ideas help me to stay afloat, but I am by no means a writer. I enjoy rambling sentences that often don’t adhere to proper rules of grammar and syntax. But I am a thinker. In fact, reflecting on life and over-analyzing all of its tiny details is truly a favorite pastime of mine.

I also am really good at brewing way too strong coffee, hiding in the pantry eating Oreos, and coming up with a multitude of reasons why I can always shower tomorrow. 🙂

Now that you have found me, feel free to explore.  I hope you stay awhile…



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