22. 08. 2014


Amy is a born and bred Californian, ex-national athlete and Ivy League graduate.  After working in corporate recruiting for several years, she decided to pursue her love of working with children and attended graduate school at the acclaimed Bank Street College of Education in New York City.  Upon completion of her Masters Degree, she spent several years teaching at a prestigious private school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  After giving birth to her first son, she decided to switch her teaching from the classroom to her home and she is currently a  stay-at-home-mom to her two young sons.  She is married to her tall drink of water (really, he’s quite tall.  Like think of your tallest drinking glass.  Or maybe a vase…) southern gentleman and they currently reside in the Tiny Kingdom of Mountain Brook, Alabama.

Amy is passionate about creativity, play, wellness, literacy and art, and she thrives off of encouraging and cultivating these interests in others.  Hence, ThePlayCollective.com. A means for her to share her passions and educational insights with the blogger world.